Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Smell

 Throughout my time in this world one of the constants has been certainty of the future. Not certain what that future might turn out to be, of course, but rather it would simply come to be. The world and the societies that mankind has constructed and nurtured would still exist in a decade or a millennia or tomorrow. That certainty is gone. It has been replaced by something akin to a foul stench. 

The world now seems to be rolling towards its' finality. I'm pretty sure the earth will remain but the great human civilization will be wiped out and the remnants will be left to start over. The madness of this reality is growing exponentially. People as a collective seem to have lost their minds. This is not my singular observation, everyone feels it. When Agent Smith is talking to Morpheus and says the thing that he hates the most is the smell...I get it.

We can light little candles ,like watching a movie or listen to some music, but behind the cover up the stink persists'. We can only distract ourselves and even then we know the smell will be there when the credits roll. Fight off the crazy as long as you can but in the end crazy is what's gonna bring the whole experiment crashing down.