Saturday, June 20, 2020

Another One Bites the Dust

Most of the great civilizations throughout history have toppled and fallen. Egyptians, Romans ,Greeks, Mayans all grew too  large to sustain themselves. Once a society becomes as colossal as these the separation of the classes becomes too much for its citizens to bear. Greed and the dogma of "self" permeate through the proverbial ivory tower and decadence becomes the norm.

Platitudes and fictions are created by the powerful elite to distract the masses from turning on them. Foreign gods and ancient curses of our ancestors have turned into racism and social justice for the modern empire. Keep the peasants fighting  among themselves in order to sustain the status quo. The mob rules and its force must be directed away from the obscene palaces of the aristocrats. However their deception is in vain.

No matter the efforts put forth to quell the coming cataclysm civilization will not stand. Like so many times before the bubble is about to burst. The coming of Christ will be heralded by its roaring fires. A cosmic blaze that will extinguish the very stars and empty the skies. The abyss is opening as the hosts of Heaven prepare for its final campaign. As the world sinks into ruin hold fast the garment of  our only Savior and lay your transgressions at His feet.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Satan Unmasking

In these last days confusion abounds and rage ignites a rebellion. Anger and hate boil to the surface as the unholy elite slowly fade from the shadows and out into the open. What has been hidden is revealed to the world. A luciferian cabal scorching the fabric of morality and stealing souls from Christ, the only redeemer.

Like a black hole robbing stars of their light we must hold fast to not be engulfed by the chaos. Slowly pull back from the world. Live in the heart and the soul where God's voice is loudest. Day dream of the world to come and imagine its' peace and calm. No one thirsty or corrupt, nothing spoiled or impure. This is our reward for taming our free will and conquering our worldly desires.

The temptation to shout our opinions at those who differ must be put in check. Disagreements must be quenched before turning into arguments. Let the lost wage war against the lost. As Christians our light shines brightest standing on the sidelines not hurling bible quotes at the damned. For two thousand years it has been written before us that this world would fall. Well, it is falling before our eyes. We are the generation, it seems, that will herald in the thousand year reign of Christ before finally destroying Satan.