Monday, August 30, 2021



What is sin? People use it as a verb, so is it an action? Jesus said we were born in it, so is it a place or something like water or the air? I used to describe it as something like the atmosphere. We’re surrounded by it, engulfed.

Now I would describe it as more of a state of being. Like the natural universe is governed by laws. Everything in the known universe is bound by the physics of its reality. Trees, bugs, photosynthesis and even Time cannot escape the laws of nature and neither can we. But we have a lifeline thrown to us. The hand of Christ reaches out to pull us into what lies beyond this material existence, into the supernatural.

Sin is “here”. We are in it because we exist here in the natural universe. Used as a verb it simply means to do what comes naturally while in this state of being. So “don’t sin” is saying not to become attached to this place. It is fleeting and temporary. Work yourself up to eternal life, prepare now! Don’t do the things that will tie you to this world because, one can only assume, that it will drag you down when you are there, in Paradise.