Sunday, September 13, 2020

Reason Evolved So That it Wouldn't Have to Exist

 The universe is absolutely perfect. Every system within a system is a complexity that baffles and astounds those that would ponder it. From the universe itself to the smallest of particles each system exists as it must to work in a perfect symphony which is our reality.

It's no wonder that the father of lies would come up with its complete opposite as a means to explain it. The big bang, the totally freak accident that just kinda happened for no reason. It has no alpha or omega either, how quaint. Just look at all the systems within ourselves. The complexity of the human eye, for example, and the brain that works in unison with it are not just merely the result of chance circumstances. Nature itself is too perfect to be random, too connected to be scattered and definitely too common to be an accident.

The fact is that people believe that crap because it's what they've been told since childhood. A lie so deeply ingrained into us that when presented with logical evidence to the contrary it is met with strict objection. Common sense easily ends the debate but that to has been seemingly evolved into nothingness. Our feelings, we are taught, cannot be trusted. The bonds that unite us are mere extensions of our own ego, says the heathen elite. But alas God is not hidden and cannot be denied for long. The older we get the clearer He becomes.