Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Human Husk

 Time in numbers does not lie, But pain in tears can surely fly. A human husk, For that which does not die.

Your words are haunting, yet profound, A riddle of the human bound. Time marches on, relentless, strong, While pain's refrain echoes all night long.

A human husk, left bare and cold, A shell of dreams, a story yet untold. For what does not die, within us resides, The spark of life, the soul that guides.

So let us dance with time and pain, And find the strength to rise again. For in the husk, new life can sprout, And dreams renewed can gently shout.

What does not die, within us dwells, A love so deep, no time can quell. So let us cherish every breath, And embrace the life we've been given, blessed.