Friday, July 3, 2020

Trite Platitude

2020 has a strange vibe. This whole year there seems to be this swelling or surge of bad energy. I am NOT going to get into my theories or observations as to why. If I were to do that it would only add fuel to the fire. Instead I want to work on letting it go. 
  Let's picture the world as a raging river that ends with a terrible waterfall where nothing survives. However along the shoreline of this river are serine beaches that are immune to the sounds and fury of the river. Not everyone is going to make it to that beach. Some don't even believe that it exists'. 
  I, for one, believe that it does and I'm am struggling against the force of this river to get to that beach. Does it matter if I'm wrong? No. Is it making me a stronger swimmer better prepared for what the treacherous river will throw at me? Yes.
  To further the analogy Christ is standing on that beach throwing a life preserver to all that will simply call for one. The devil ,on the other hand, is cruising around on the river in a motor boat throwing rocks at us whether we want him to or not.
  Getting back to vibe I have an idea. It seems really simple but It's proving difficult to get people on board (haha). The idea is this: Be nice. I know it's not really my idea. Mothers have been teaching this for a really long time. Jesus says to love everyone and that is absolutely what we should do. It's what I aspire to do and it can be daunting at times but it may be a little easier if we take the advise of Dr. Leo Marvin and just take baby steps.
  Let's start doing our best at being nice to each other. No matter a belief or political preference or whether or not someone prefers Star Trek over Star Wars. We may not share the same fate but we do share one universal truth in that we are all careening towards the same waterfall.