Sunday, July 5, 2020

Free Will? You Decide

  We are interdependent, sentient beings treading on this planet together. Alester Crowley said long ago, "Do as thou wilt" and he was right. Is that not the epitome of free will? Of course he was declared the wickedest man alive during his lifetime so we may feel the inclination to add the disclaimer "As long as it's not infringing on someone else". In so doing we are also right but then we're no longer talking about free will. Absolute autonomy must be included in the idea of free will.

  Many would argue that free will doesn't exist in us no more that it exists' in a toad or a bird. They argue that we are bound to our instincts' like a herd of caribou and all that drives us is intertwined in our collective DNA. I'm not sure if this view is married to evolutionists' ideology but it seems to me that the belief in God is related closely to the belief in free will.

  University halls have been echoing this debate for centuries. But the fact is that we can do whatever we want whether it benefits our species or not. Look at the Stalin's, Hitler's and Dahmer's of the world. For that matter look at any level of psychopath or miscreant of the human race. Now think of that, not on an individual basis, but much larger. Like corporations or even countries where the concern for others is out weighed by greed or some other motive. Entire populations have been poisoned or in some way oppressed by the free will of other people. IMHO this at least adds merit to the argument that free will is not derived from evolutionary instincts while in fact it does exist.