Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Deep State Diving

Does the "Deep State" really exist or is that just gobbledygook made up by tinfoil hat wearing, paranoid, borderline psychopathic idiots. Well since we can't expect to get an honest answer from anyone that may or may not be among its' alleged membership we'll have to use some good ole fashioned logic. This will take a completely unbiased perspective in regards to political party affiliation and/or ideology. The one thing I will say about political views is that both sides accuse the other of being apart of the evil, deep state and will argue endlessly to that point. However, lets leave politics out of it and just look at people. Not just the people strolling through the Halls of Power , but all people every where. What are we like? What drives us? I'm not talking about humanity as whole either. That will just lead us to trite platitudes of beauty and altruism that are only true depending on your relativity to suffering. I'm talking about the individual.

In order for one to think that the deep state is a made up fiction one would have to believe that morality is the driving force behind every action taken by everyone. Greed, envy and the lust for power are imaginary sentiments found only in books and movies. One would have to have the world view that the rich and powerful aren't really concerned with their wealth and power. Rather the upper-class just kinda go with the flow in regards to their status and as far as politicians go, it's all about helping out. Serving the people is priority number one for elected officials...Right? What a beautiful world view that must be. To bad it's bullshit.

Not to sound like a cynic but lets get real. The rich and powerful care about protecting and building on what they have. If the opposite were true famine would not exist. Third world countries would not exist. Humans are selfish creatures when it comes to reaching outside our immediate circles of friends and family. It is on that notion that I surmise that the deep state does exist. A play on Nietzsche's famous quote "If God did not exist would there be a need to create one?", I ask, "If the deep state did not exist would there be a need to create it?"