Thursday, August 13, 2020

The Benign State of Evil

The purveyors of evil have coalesced into a wicked empire They wear many hats such as bureaucrat, entertainer, pedophile and sadist. This bubble of bile has risen to the top of our cesspool of a civilization and now reign supreme from their putrid throne. How have the good people of the world allowed this to happen? The short answer is time.

The decades have seen the desensitization of evil through movies, music and art. Just imagine what it would be like for a citizen from the bygone era of the 50's to hear death metal played in their car or watch on their black and white television an episode of game of thrones. It wasn’t that long ago but those things would seem alien to such minds.

Now fast forward to our age in the new millennia and we have rumors of high-ranking politicians torturing small children while practicing satanic rituals. One such story has a prominent politico cutting the face off a little girl only to prance around wearing it during some sick ritual for more power. Is this stuff fiction? Are the victims of such atrocity’s lying? More accurately they would have to be brilliant novelists to come up with some of these stories.

A war is coming and it’s likely that the average citizen is not prepared for the horrors about to be revealed. Maybe that’s why we choose to bury our heads in the sand, we don’t want to know. We do not want our perfectly imperfect worlds to crumble and fall. But ultimately the hell boiling just below the surface will no longer be hidden by our ignorance and naivety. The face of true evil will be exposed and the reality that coddles us now will be seen as the ruse that it is.