Thursday, July 23, 2020

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Top 5 Conspiracy Theory Websites
Conspiracy theories have been around for ages. From speculations to what goes on at Area 51 to secret societies influencing the rich and powerful. There are many conspiracy theory websites online to keep track of the latest developments in age old theories or to keep up with new information. Even though many people make fun of conspiracy theories, they just can’t seem to get enough. Here are 5 of the top websites to get your daily dose of conspiracy.
This site is neat, categorized and has a wide range of information about the biggest conspiracies that exist today. If you want to find out what’s the deal with North Korea or the Illuminati, this site has it all neatly arranged. Categories range from celebrity conspiracies to political. You can also find documentaries and videos about conspiracies for your viewing pleasure.
Even if you aren’t someone who keeps up with conspiracy theories, I’m sure at some point you might have heard about the Flat Earth Society. Their site describes the history of the society, forums for discussion, a library for flat earth literature, articles and books and a Wiki that seeks to answer all the FAQs about the theory and the society.
Godlike Productions carries breaking news, science and technology, offbeat discussions and investigative research. You need to have membership to access the site content and agree to terms and conditions. It’s not exactly a blog type website and instead consists of forums and threaded discussions about a myriad of topics that range from aliens and UFOs to Illuminati and NWO.
Reddit is the front page of the internet. Any topic you can think about has a thread dedicated to its discussion in a reddit forum. Naturally, it’s easy to find information about conspiracy theories on the site. The subreddits r/conspiracy and r/actualconspiracies cover a wide range of discussions on trending conspiracy topics and the classics. Here many other resources and links are shared to back up arguments and present information.
This site contains many alphabetized indexes on topics such as the supernatural and paranormal, science and philosophy, conspiracies and UFOS to name a few. You can find definitions, arguments and essays about hundreds of occult topics and is available in over 15 languages. It’s also a published book and has a kid’s version.

If you are a veteran at conspiracies or someone who is curious to know what it’s all about, these sites are great sources. Hundreds of sites about conspiracies exist but not all are neatly organized and have friendly user interfaces. The best part is that several on our TOP 5 list include moderated forums where active discussions can take place or new information or articles can be shared. If you rather not engage in the conversation, you can simply scroll through and look at articles or essays about theories.
 And no, you don’t need to own a tin foil hat to peruse these archives, or do you?